A. Feather: ☆ Built in ozone for pipe line auto disinfections ☆ Built in chemical feeder adding anti scaling / fouling agent ☆ Pressure regulator to enable water at constant flow and pressure supply ☆ Moving wheels for easy access to use in ICU ☆ Equipped in line UV sterilizer and 0.2 micron filter B. Major specifications: 1. Production capacity: 120 LPH at 25oC 2. Pre-filter: 0.2um filter x 10” + Activated carbon filer. 3. RO membrane: TFC- 4021 4. Built-in UV sterilizer: 14W, 30,000µw
Major features: 1. Hot,cold and warm temperature water dispenser. 2. Gavanized steel housing and high impact plasitc panel. 3. Built-in 5 stages filter cartidge R.O. system. 4. Computerized system control hot and cold water temperature. 5. LED display to show hot and cold water temperature. 6. LED display to detect water TDS. 7. Rich design control panel.
Major specifications: 1. Production capacity: 50 or 75GPD 2. 5 stage process filter. 3. Automatic control. 4. Electromagneti contral system. 5. Press type Cr. plated spigot faucet. 6. Filmtec R.O. membrane 7. Pressure storage tank capacity: 3.2G or 5.5G